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It is our immense pleasure and with our deepest gratitude that we write this acknowledgment of Sonja Jones as our professional representative. Sonja recognizes every transaction is distinctive, so she tailors her approach to the particular needs of each seller or buyer. We had a wonderfully unique house to sell that was not meant for the ordinary buyer; as a result it required exceptional marketing. Sonja was able to bring us the correct buyer for our home. She also aided us with the purchase of our next home, again a house that was correct for us. She was a master with the contract negotiations. Sonja made sure that all deadlines were met, and tirelessly stayed on top of the process, even over the Christmas holiday. Sonja had incredible attention to detail, excellent follow-through, and was extremely attentive to any questions we had with an engaging personality. Our appreciation of Sonja was because she always showed integrity, her team showed integrity, the virtue that we find most important in a Realtor. We also found her to be knowledgeable about all aspects of Real estate that surpassed just the legalities of buying and selling properties, furthermore we were consistently impressed by her willingness to research questions. A pet peeve of ours was an agent that would not return our calls; Sonja was always expedient in returning our calls. We would highly recommend her to anyone, and it was a real pleasure working with her. Sonja has the patience of an angel, and the perseverance of a warrior!

tony marlyce

Sonja provided us with professional and friendly service when we were purchasing a home in a location that was unfamiliar to us. She helped us find the perfect home in only two visits. Because we lived half way across the country (Kansas City, MO), the purchase and closing had to be done remotely. We trusted her to take care of everything including the final walk-through on an expensive house. She handled everything perfectly and we are now happily living in our new island home.

Tammy Byergo

We had an excellent home-purchase experience with Sonja representing us. Communication and responsiveness were a top priority for her, and she was patient in answering any questions we had – and there were many! During the home inspection phase, she encouraged us to dig deeper to avoid encountering any issues after the purchase, and her knowledge led us to find a pricey problem that we definitely wouldn’t have wanted to repair ourselves. Her negotiation skills resulted in the seller fixing this issue before we signed on the dotted line. She was referred to us by another couple who had a good experience with her, and we are highly confident in doing the same. Sonja found us our dream home!


Sonja was VERY helpful to us in taking numerous actions PRIOR to Listing that made the house ready to sell and her approach worked. In addition, Sonja was very responsive. She was also excellent at managing stress among the parties.

John Hempelmann

I’ve been meaning to write this for a couple of months, but I couldn’t think of the right words to describe my experience working with Sonja and Karen. Perfect. That’s the first word that comes to mind. My experience searching for and buying my home could not have been better. The Dynamic-Duo took perfect care of me from start to finish. I knew I was in good hands and never felt stressed about such a big purchase. Thank you Sonja and Karen for inspiring confidence and making my search and purchase of a home so much fun! I read years ago that only 7% of people will recommend or re-hire their Realtor. I wouldn’t use anyone else.

Gordon Vittig

My husband and I worked with Sonja when we decided to house hunt on Bainbridge Island and are so glad we met her. Sonja’s knowledge of the island, straightforward presentation of information about properties we were considering, and expert help during the negotiation and all around caring far exceeded our expectations. We are now the happy owners of a beautiful property, right where we want to be. Thank you, Sonja!


Follow-through, tenacity, and integrity—Sonja Jones gets it done. Be smart. Work with her when buying your next home. Sonja responded to our first email contact within minutes, and throughout our home search demonstrated superior communication (and crazy punctuality). Each day we worked with her, Sonja was energized and brought a positive attitude. She listened carefully to what we wanted, and gave us what felt like her undivided attention for nearly a week. Her professional expertise and deep knowledge of all of Bainbridge Island were essential in finding and closing on our dream home. Simply the best.

Mark Bixby

I recently had the pleasure of working with Sonja Jones on a home sale on the island and to simply pass along that she is a local expert wouldn’t be doing her justice. My situation was a litte unique in which we inherited a property which not only needed a little rehab work but we were 1,500 miles away. Not only did she provide valuable insight into what changes the house needed to obtain maximum value for the renovation, but hit the mark with the market comps in order to get the house under contract (at over 98% of the asking price) the first week it was listed. That would have been an easy end to the story but over the next 75 days it took to close (thanks to the buyers lenders/ loan officers) is where her attention to detail and communication skills really impressed me. My background is in mortgage lending so I must say that is not easy to do. She became an ideal business partner in which all calls, texts or emails were responded to within the hour or same day. Normally, I would not be one to sit and write about my experiences online, but if you are in the market to buy or sell a home on Bainbridge Island and don’t consider Sonja it will be your loss. She started out as a Realtor but ended up a friend.

Daren Strunk

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