If You Only Have a Day

We are so lucky to live on Bainbridge Island. For us, this is just our community – but for others, Bainbridge Island can be a relaxing getaway. Our island makes for an excellent day trip and escape from the hustle of surrounding cities. Perhaps you’re looking to explore the island for a day. If so, this is the ultimate guide to visiting Bainbridge If You Only Have a Day.

If coming from the East (Seattle and beyond), you’re likely to enter the island by ferry which is undoubtedly the most picturesque arrival. Boarding from Ferry Terminal at Pier 50, you’ll use the same ferry islanders use to commute downtown for work. You’ll enjoy a breezy 35-minute ferry ride offering spectacular vistas of the Seattle skyline to your east and Olympic Mountains on the west. Traveling on a clear day? Don’t forget to turn around for an epic shot of Mount Rainier as your backdrop. The best part? You can go by car, bicycle, or foot as the island is flexible and accessible to all modes of transportation.

Sound fantastic? Then read on for our suggested itinerary below and don’t forget to bring your mask!

9:00 am

Get up early and catch the 9:35 am ferry from the Seattle Ferry Terminal. You’ll want to make sure to get there a half an hour early (especially if you have a car) because they do fill up on busy weekends at prime time.

When you get to the island, walk 10-15 minutes up the street into the quaint downtown area.

10:15 am

Turn left on Winslow Way E and stroll through the downtown area. Don’t worry, you’ll be back! Walkthrough the main strip of Winslow and take a left on Madison Ave S. You’ll end at Pegasus Coffee, a strong contender for the best coffee on the island. Grab your drink of choice and savor it at Waterfront Park to admire the views of the harbor and beyond.

11:00 am

Time for breakfast! We recommend Good Egg for brunch. They have a range of breakfast foods – from eggs, to sandwiches, to granola. Eat your fill and relax – their outdoor patio seating is the perfect place to hang out and enjoy your food on a sunny day.

11:45 am

Remember that cute little downtown strip you walked past? Now it’s time to explore that little slice of heaven.

If you’re in town on a Saturday, don’t miss the Bainbridge Island Farmers Market, which is a few blocks north of Winslow Way.

A must-stop for book lovers (and pretty much everyone, I guess) is Eagle Harbor Books. Spend a few minutes wandering the shelves and check out some of the work by local authors. If you see something you like, buy it!

Next, time for some shopping. You won’t want to miss Pelindaba Lavender and Salt House Mercantile, two of the best shops in the area. Here are some others that are worth checking out.

  • Danger – handcrafted gifts and art – like their stunning jewelry
  • Millstream – Pacific Northwest-inspired art, gifts, and souvenirs
  • Winslow Mall – a collection of small boutiques

There are a few more stops worth making before catching the 2:10 ferry back to Seattle.

For ice cream…head to Mora Iced Creamery for the best ice cream on the island. Gluten free? Just ask and they’ll use a clean scoop and cup to serve up your frozen treat.

For wine… head to Eleven Winery’s tasting room along Winslow Way. Or, if you’ve got a car, you should head to the actual winery a few miles away on Bainbridge Island.

For beer lovers… head to Bainbridge Brewing’s Alehouse for some craft beer made on Bainbridge Island. If you have a car, their brewery is a few miles north along state highway 305 and is worth a visit. They have cider (in cans and bottles, for Celiac friends) and non-alcoholic drinks that are gluten-free, but no food or wine.

For art lovers… head to Bainbridge Island Museum of Art for a world-class display of contemporary art and crafts of the Puget Sound Region.

1:45 pm

That’s it! Head back to the Ferry Terminal (the same one you arrived at) and take the ferry back to Seattle.