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Market Watch

How to Turn Leads into Real Estate Clients

January 17, 2012


Real estate professionals take note: The key to converting online leads into clients is to make sure consumers have an “amazing” experience start to finish, beginning with your website, according to a panel of speakers at Real Estate Connect Wednesday.

Housing May Turn the Corner in 2012

January 19, 2012



CoreLogic’s chief economist Mark Fleming says housing statistics and the duration of the downturn to date indicate 2012 may be the year the housing market begins to turn the corner. He points out that households are paying off their debts and at the same time accessing credit more easily, with some even adding Home Equity Lines of Credit in the third quarter of last year – the first such movement for these second-lien mortgage products since the financial crisis began.

The Sanctuary Townhouses Back on the Market Jan. 28

January 20, 2012


Construction has been completed on the Sanctuary, a 12-unit townhouse complex located in a historic church at 16th Avenue East and East Denny Way on Capitol Hill. Converting the century-old church into townhouses cost more than $10 million. Work began in 2007 but stalled in 2010 when the original developers were unable to get additional funding from the lender. The loan was sold to an affiliate of San Diego-based Pathfinder Partners LLC last year, and the project received an additional $2 million to complete the work.




Existing Real Estate Sales to Rise 12%, New Homes 74% in 2012

January 18, 2012


Moody’s Analytics’ most recent report on economic conditions and the outlook for the real estate market paints a surprisingly positive picture for the coming year. Existing home sales, new home construction, and new home sales will reportedly all rise in significant numbers in 2012.




Extraordinary Living

A Different Way to Build a House: Adding Secret Passages and Hidden Rooms

January 17, 2012



Have you ever wanted to add secret passageways or a secret room to your house? Watch these videos and find out how it’s done.




Most Luxurious Custom Made Home Theaters

January 20, 2012



If you have always dreamed of a customized, ultra high-tech, inviting and luxurious home theater, here is a treat for your eyes. There is a fine line between home theater and design marvel. We have seen some truly incredible home theater setups in the past, and today we are here with a list of the 12 most luxurious home theaters. Watching movies takes on a whole new level in these luxurious home theaters. Let’s not waste any time and take a look at these magnificent and lavish home theater setups…


The World’s Most Expensive Fitted Kitchen

January 19, 2012



Marazzi Design, a London-based kitchen designer, unveiled its Colosseo Oro kitchen at a design trade show this weekend at Earls Court. The price tag? Well, prepare to burn your toast: £300,000. You could buy an entire house – roof, front door, walls, everything – for that kind of money. But please consider what the Colosseo Oro offers. First, you will be one of only 10 people in the world to own this limited-edition model.


Garage to Loft

January 18, 2012



Who would have thought that a dusty garage could be transformed into a beautiful loft? Browse through this photo gallery and get inspired to renovate your own space.







Sotheby’s to Offer 13 Works from the Forbes Collection Depicting the Franco-Prussian War

January 19, 2012



Sotheby’s 27 January 2012 sale of Old Master & 19th Century European Art will feature a group of 13 works from The Forbes Collection that depict the Battle of Champigny, one of the final engagements of the Franco-Prussian War in 1870. The group comprises Édouard Detaille’s celebrated composition Champigny; décembre 1870 (est. $70/100,00*); a total of four preparatory works – two each by Detaille and Alphonse de Neuville – for the popular Panorama de Champigny that opened Paris’s Panorama National in November, 1882; and eight fragments cut from the impressive panorama itself. The sale will be on exhibition in Sotheby’s York Avenue galleries beginning 21 January, alongside additional Old Masters Week auctions including Important Old Master Paintings & Sculpture and Old Master Drawings




Magnificent Coins of the Spanish World, The Archer M. Huntington Collection

January 25, 2012



Sotheby’s is pleased to announce that it will offer the magnificent Archer M. Huntington Collection of coins from the Hispanic world in a sealed bid auction ending on 8 March 2012. Assembled more than a century ago, the 37,895 pieces form the most spectacular collection of coins relating to the entirety of Spanish history that is housed outside of Spain. The ambitious collection is among the finest and most comprehensive ever to be assembled, either by an individual or institution. The collection is being sold by the Hispanic Society of America (HSA) and proceeds will be used for future acquisitions and collection care.