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Sonja Jones is a Founding Member and Managing Broker of Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty. Sonja attributes high client satisfaction to over twenty three years’ experience in real estate, the majority spent in Washington’s Puget Sound market, combined with her personal yet professional service philosophy. Contact Sonja today to find your perfect island home – satisfaction assured.

Where to Eat in Winslow

With the ferry terminal to Seattle located just southwest of the downtown strip this 1.5 square mile area is packed full of local dining spots. All within walking distance from the ferry terminal, these eateries are the perfect spot to satisfy your cravings whether you’re a local or just visiting for the day. Stop in and enjoy the delicious food Bainbridge Island has to offer. 


Blackbird Bakery is the perfect stop for baked goods and coffee. With all their creations made from locally sourced ingredients, you can trust that quality is their priority. Blackbird Bakery is also a go-to for any special occasion, offering made from scratch cakes and fun custom decorated cookies.







Streamliner Diner is another breakfast favorite in Downtown Winslow, with homemade pastries, delicious omelets, and burritos — they have been a favorite on the island since 1980.










Pegasus Coffee House is a landmark of Bainbridge Island. Initially built in 1937, this building is full of historic character. Pegasus Coffee House serves up espresso beverages, and tea, as well as offering delicious breakfast and lunch options.










If you need a seriously delicious treat, look no further than Mora Iced Creamery! Their made from scratch, small-batch ice cream is handcrafted daily in-store. With over 48 varieties available. The most challenging part of your visit will be choosing a flavor.








If you’re looking for a delicious bite with a great view, look no further than Harbour Public House. Noted as having both the best hamburger and fish & chips by the Bainbridge Island Review, this casual dining spot is excellent for meeting up with friends!  








Another phenomenal view can be found at Bainbridge Thai Cuisine.  For over 25 years, Bainbridge Island Thai Cuisine has served delicious Thai food to the community! Sitting off Eagle Harbor, their outdoor dining offers marina and ferry views.







If you’re in the mood for a pizza night, Bruciato is the perfect place. Their Neapolitan style wood-fired pizza is made from scratch, including their classic Italian salami which is also cured in house!









A final recommendation? Enjoy a brew at Bainbridge Brewing Alehouse! With a variety of beer, Washington wine, and PNW cider, Bainbridge Brewing Alehouse has a locally crafted beverage for everyone. a If you happen to get hungry while sipping your brew, they have you covered with small plates and snacks to satisfy any of your pub cravings. You will often find a local food truck on-site serving up complete meals to pair with your beer, wine, or cider as well!


Bainbridge Island Farmers Market



The Bainbridge Island Farmers Market has been a staple of the island since 1993, when a handful of local farmers and artists set up a modest market on Winslow Green. Today the market has over 40 vendors. Every Saturday, you will find a variety of locally grown produce, flowers, wine, meat, and eggs to purchase. Artisans also offer macramé, paintings, glasswork, greeting cards, and more. Below are a few spotlights of vendors you will find during your next trip to the Bainbridge Island Farmers Market.




Butler Green Farms
Brian MacWhorter’s farm, Butler Green, is a diverse biodynamic farm raising produce, pastured meats, and eggs on Bainbridge Island. You can find over 35 different fruits, vettables, and barries from Buler Green Farms.

Learn More >>






Powell & Jones Craft Chocolate
The first ‘Bean to Bar’ fine chocolate maker on Bainbridge Island. They create high-quality craft chocolates of various types using only the best cacao and other mainly organic ingredients with no artificial preservatives or flavors added.

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Kuy Glass
Handblown glass created by artist Kuy Hepburn on Bainbridge Island. Kuy has been working with glass for almost fifty years and creates vibrant pieces without any molds.

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Natural handmade skincare prepared in small batches from the highest quality natural ingredients.  AmosSoma centers around the skin’s balance, health, and radiance.

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The market is located at Winslow Town Square, 280 Madison Avenue N, Bainbridge Island, WA, and runs Saturdays, 10-2, from April through November.


Market Trends From Around The Sound: Q1-2021



Hot, hot, hot—the temperatures keep rising in the real estate market, strongly favoring sellers. In the report below, we examine Bainbridge Island and Seattle to find out where the markets have been, and where the trends might lead us next. And 2021 kicked off with a limited number of available homes.

Across the Puget sound, lack of single-family home inventory has, at least in part, contributed to escalating median home sales prices, which have increased between eight and 30 percent year-over-year.

On Bainbridge Island, the number of homes sold has increased year-over-year but not by a significant amount, 66 in 2020, 73 in 2021. Still, only 0.8 months of inventory is available, and the median home price for a single-family home on Bainbridge Island has risen by 16 percent giving sellers the advantage.

For buyers searching for a home on Bainbridge Island, there was competition for the few for sale—just 16 compared to 57 this time last year. It’s a seller’s market with less than a month of inventory available, and not surprisingly the median sales price has risen by over 16 percent compared to Q1-2020, from $943K to $1.1 million.

All these factors lead to eager buyers and competition, as well as quick closings when possible: the average days on market fell to 24 from 77 days on market last year. Sellers take heed, it’s likely still an optimal time to list a home for sale.

To view or download the full report for Bainbridge Island >>

To view or download the full report for Seattle >>

A Perfect PNW Spring Day on Bainbridge Island


Trying out life on island time does wonders for the soul.

There’s nothing like a sunny spring day in the Pacific Northwest. The temperature is comfortable, the sun is shining, and there’s such a variety of things to do that you’ll never have a dull moment! Today, we’re exploring a day on Bainbridge Island—where time moves just a little slower, and people savor the moment and enjoy lasting memories.


Depending on where you’re starting your day from, you may need to take a ferry ride over to the Island. This trip averages 30 minutes and can be done by car, foot, or bicycle. You may elect to grab a cup of coffee or a light snack on board as you sit on the view deck and enjoy the marvelous views of the sound. In no time at all, you’ll have arrived at the terminal and will start your short walk up to Winslow Way—the heart of the Island’s activity.

On Winslow Way, you’ll see a collection of local businesses ranging from bookstores to restaurants with friendly individuals at each door ready to greet you. A charming way to start the morning is to grab a pastry and either your first or second cup of coffee to give you a boost for walking around. I recommend Blackbird Bakery. You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu—everything is simply delicious. You may even decide to stop by our office to say “hello!” just a few doors down the way!

Next, take your coffee over to nearby Waterfront Park, where you can take in the vistas and watch the boats pass through the marina. In the past, this park has been home to shows, festivals, and even concerts. We all anxiously await the return of these festivities!

In the meantime, one of the island’s most popular destinations has just reopened and is a great way to spend a few hours. The Bainbridge Island Museum of Art is currently showing some stunning new exhibitions and is just a short walk away.

After some well-enjoyed art appreciation, it’s time for lunch! A short walk from the museum is Doc’s Marina Grill. Right on the water, this homestyle restaurant offers mouth-watering seafood, burgers, and American-style food that looks as good as it tastes, especially when on a plate next to the gorgeous view!

Once you’re through, there’s more to explore! A walk through the Bloedel Reserve will have you relaxed and enjoying what everyone says Bainbridge Island is famous for: peace and tranquility. There’s a mixed tapestry of woodlands, meadows, and gardens to stroll through, and on a sunny day, there’s rarely a more magical experience. Perfect for families as well as a solo visit, this is a great way to safely recreate while still experiencing key favorites of the Island.

To round out your day, savor a sip at sunset by visiting one of Bainbridge Island’s many wineries. Tastings can be done alone or with a group and may require a reservation. Grapes are grown right on the island and create a product that simply tastes diVINE.

As you board the ferry or your car to return home, you may be thinking “I could get used to this!”. If you’re considering moving to Bainbridge Island or the surrounding areas, I would love to help you find the perfect fit based on your unique lifestyle. Send me a note whenever you’re ready, and I’ll gladly set up a time for us to virtually connect.

Room-by-Room February Home Maintenance Checklist


Many often associate home maintenance with spring cleaning. But February is as good a time as any to get a jump on maintenance items so come sunny spring days you can kick back and relax. Check these items all off your list or use a few to get inspired!



Check a couple of these items off your winter home safety maintenance checklist to improve conditions in your kitchen.

Deep Clean the Garbage Disposal

Nobody likes sink odors, so take a little time this month to clear the air in your kitchen. A clogged garbage disposal isn’t just gross—it can create expensive plumbing problems. Here’s how to clean your garbage disposal: Turn off the power, wipe the grinding chamber and drain, and deodorize with ice and vinegar. When finished, keep your garbage disposal clean for the rest of the year by grinding orange and lemon peels once a week.

Clean Out the Oven

Did you know that 8% of home cooking fires are caused by dirty ovens or ranges? Grime and food built up over the year can render your oven a grimy fire hazard if you don’t clean it regularly. The good news is cleaning the oven is as easy as following the instructions on your favorite brand of oven cleaner.

Check Your Fire Extinguisher

Kitchen fires are serious business. From 2012 to 2016, cooking was the leading cause of home fires and home fire injuries and the second leading cause behind home fire deaths. You can keep an accident from becoming a tragedy by investing in a fire extinguisher and training your family on how to use it.


blankBedrooms and Living Areas

Make your home feel a little cozier with these bedroom and living area improvements.

Clean Linens, Carpets, and Curtains

Dust, mites, and dander can all cause allergies long before spring pollen strikes. Deep clean your bed sheets, duvets, and comforters in each bedroom to keep the creepy crawlies away. The carpets and curtains in your living areas will also need some love after a year of use.

Upgrade Indoor Lights

Brighten things up with an upgrade to your living room and bedroom lights. You can control smart lights and anything plugged into a smart plug directly from your phone. These devices let you turn on the lights or start your morning coffee without getting out of bed.



Here are a few home safety maintenance tasks to make your throne room fit for a king.

Clean out your medicine cabinet

After years of medications piling up, it’s time to clean out your medicine cabinet. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends tossing unused or expired medications. Proper disposal depends on the type of medication you’re throwing away. There are some medications you can flush and others you can’t (a list can be found via the FDA). For those you aren’t sure about, many cities have take-back locations that will dispose of medications properly.

Recaulk the Tub and Toilet

Prevent leaks and water damage in your home by checking the sealing and caulking in your bathroom. If needed, it only takes a few minutes to patch up any problem areas. You can find caulk online or at your local hardware store.

Deep Clean to Prevent Mold

Bathrooms are a paradise for molds, mildew, and fungus. This month, clean out your vents, fix any water leaks, and scrub the walls and ceilings to prevent black mold and other household mildews.



It’s easy to take your hallways for granted when it comes to routine checks and maintenance. These quick tasks take only a few minutes and can keep your home safe all year.

Test Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Dead batteries caused 25% of smoke alarm failures from 2012 to 2016.4 Simple routine maintenance can keep your home much safer.

This February check all the batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they’re functional. If it’s been over 10 years since you last replaced these units, consider replacing your existing detectors.

Change Your HVAC Filter

Air quality is important inside and outside your home. Breathe a little easier going into spring by changing your HVAC air filter in the hallways, ceilings, or wherever your vent is located. While vents can vary from home to home, the process takes about as long as changing a lightbulb.



While February can be chilly, for those in warmer climates, spring is just around the corner. Here are a few ways you can keep the outside of your home safer until the warm weather comes.


When able, clean out your gutters this February to prepare for the spring showers. Clogged gutters can cause expensive issues with your roof even if snow and ice aren’t part of the equation.

Upgrade Locks

Want to give a boost to your home security? Smart locks are both secure and convenient making it easier for you to get in and out of your house without letting intruders in. They’re especially handy for anyone who tends to lose their keys or needs to let visitors in.

Pantone’s Color of the Year Has a Unique, Local Tie


Pantone colors of the year for 2021 are Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. (Image: Pantone)

Every year, folks around the globe look to the start of a new year with a fresh perspective. And leading that change, is the often highly anticipated Pantone Color of the Year. For two decades running, that color is chosen by experts at the Pantone Color Institute, but you might be surprised to learn that this influential decision is made right here in our backyard.

Local island resident Leatrice (Lee) Eiseman has been leading the influential group since the beginning. How special is that? Seattle Refined sat down with Leatrice to get the scoop on this year’s colors, how they were chosen, and what they mean.


Leatrice (Lee) Eiseman is the Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute. (Image: Lee Eiseman)

Seattle Refined: Lee Eiseman from the Eiseman Center for Color Information and Training – you are literally a global color guru, and you live right here in our area on Bainbridge Island. You wear many hats, including one with Pantone, and we all know Pantone are the color experts!

Lee Eiseman: I’m the Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute. I’m the leader of the group who does their Color of the Year.

How did this start?

We started this back in 1999 because people would call Pantone, and they would say, “So tell us about the color for the Millennium?” There were two things going on at the time. One was the millennium bug, where the clocks were gonna stop, and all the computers were gonna go down. But at the same time, it was looking forward to a new century. We chose a color called Cerulean Blue. The color of the sky, the color of what lies beyond us. That represents a bit of peace and tranquility. We had such an amazing response to doing the Color of the Millennium. We decided that maybe we needed to do Color of the Year.

For 2021 there is something really unique happening.

We chose two colors this time, which is unusual for us. The two colors of the year are Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, which is a yellow.

What do these colors mean in terms of 2021?

We felt that with 2021 (and goodness knows what’s happening in the world around us and the stresses that people are under), gray would give us the solid, resilient color that is something you can depend on. It’s the color of rock and stone and granite and those sorts of things that are very substantive. Yellow, the Illuminating Yellow. What can we aspire to? What can we look forward to in the future? We know that in every country all over the world, people respond to sunshine on a very positive level. It’s cheer. It’s happiness. So we have two disparate colors coming together, which then gives us a feeling of connective-ness. We feel that that’s a very important word as far as the future is concerned.

What goes into this process of choosing these colors?

The biggest part of how we get that messaging is to examine the “Zeitgeist.” What’s going on in the world around us? What is it people are aspiring to, that they’re hoping for, and how does color best serve that? We look at fashion because fashion is always a forerunner. We look at the world of entertainment. We also look at the world of art. We look at industrial design. In addition to that, we look at big events.

Lee, you have written ten books on color – you are a teacher, you’ve taught many classes and you’ve dealt with some very big clients around the globe. Some people might feel intimidated by the idea of color and not know where to start.

I think that some people just have a skill like an artist does, but others can still learn how to enjoy color and use it in their everyday lives. I mean, when you set the table, you want to make the table look wonderful, you want to pick the colors that are right, the flowers, the stemware, you want to create a beautiful atmosphere. It is something that we take for granted – yes, that is a form of creativity! Why are we picking that color, what is it saying to us? I always tell people; each of us has that artistic ability within is. It’s something you can spend time and learn about and enjoy because it gets your creative juices going.

Lee Eiseman, it’s just so much fun talking to you. Thank you so much for your time and for sharing the colors of the year.

You’re very welcome.

For more about Lee Eiseman, including her color training programs, check out the Eiseman Center for Color Information and Training. You can also follow Lee Eiseman on Instagram and Facebook.

The Spirit of Giving this Holiday Season


For those wanting to give this year, there are many wonderful opportunities here locally on our island. We’ve highlighted a few below, but for an extensive list, please visit here. Additionally, if you’re looking to shop local gifts, is a wonderful resource with a comprehensive list of business updates on hours and ways to shop, plus find local specials and promotions!




Fishline serves the North Kitsap Community by providing food, emergency services and resources to transform lives. Their vision is a community where a safety net exists for all people, which includes adequate food, shelter, healthcare and employment.

There are numerous ways you can contribute and even the smallest of acts make a huge impact.

Visit >>


Helpline House

Helpline House is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides a network of critical social services through several different programs – including children services, senior services, financial assistance and a food bank. The agency’s programs help more than 2,500 people every year.  Neighbor helping neighbor, one neighbor at a time.

Visit >>


Bainbridge Island Senior/Community Center

The Bainbridge Island Senior Center is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit that participates in the community One Call for All program. Your gift of over $20 through One Call for All earns them a “share” of the Community Fund, so your gift has an even bigger impact!

Visit >>


Bainbridge Island Land Trust

As a membership-based non-profit (EIN 91-1439338), the Bainbridge Island Land Trust receives its funding from generous Islanders and others who want to support lasting and real action on Bainbridge – from the acquisition of new land to the removal of invasive plants and replanting with native species, and stewardship of sensitive ecosystems and protection of wildlife habitats. Supporters also give thousands of volunteer hours out on the land, in the office, or serving on the board or one of their 6 committees. The Land Trust welcomes all to join in its land conservation work!

Visit >>

Q3 2020 Market Update


In an unusual year, the real estate market has largely been a beacon of positivity. After activity came to a brief halt in the second quarter, buyers quickly got off the bench to take advantage of extremely low interest rates, to invest in homes with bigger spaces, or to be closer to nature. And even as temperatures began to drop this September, the market remained hot in the third quarter with rapidly appreciating home prices, low inventory, and buyers eager to find the right opportunity.

This is particularly true on Bainbridge Island where homes are appreciating at record speed. Compared to this time last year, the average price per square foot is up 22%, while the median sold price is up 34% year-over-year. Fewer homes have been on the market, and those homes that are available have been closing quickly, too, with inventory of available homes down 61.3% versus this quarter in 2019.

If you’re curious about how this competitive market impacts the value of your home, reach out today. I’d be honored to help you reach your real estate goals!

Best of Bainbridge 2020



It’s an honor and privilege to be voted the Best Realtor on Bainbridge Island for six years running. To my clients, friends, family and community members alike, you are the heart of my business and I thank each and every one of you for being a part of my growth as a realtor. Cheers to a successful year, and years to come!

Insider Look at Agate Point Estate


Step inside this exceptional waterfront estate surrounded by lush gardens and mature landscaping. A mystical, winding drive through tall firs leads to the compound: A Miles Yanick designed main home.

Upon entering the estate, you’ll find yourself embraced with custom designs in exotic wood, brick, and glass — the perfect testament to the quality of build and thoughtfulness of hand-picked finishes. The stunning woodwork and brick add exceptional design elements and warmth to the home while ample windows pull in the sunshine that brightens each room.

This is the home you deserve, complete with a spacious primary bedroom with stellar views and a home office that’s sure to inspire. With four-bedrooms sprawling across 3,790 square-feet, you’ll find ample room and flexibility within the spaces to meet your needs.

The home chef will be delighted with the thoughtfully-designed kitchen that is centered with a sprawling island. Ample windows offer stunning vistas and a built-in dining nook lends itself for the most peaceful mornings with coffee as you watch sailboats pass by.


The sweeping views from this home will captivate you as you overlook Agate Pass marine traffic and wildlife from sun-drenched decks reminding you to unwind and connect with nature. For a cozy evening along the shore, follow a terraced path to 100 feet of private waterfront complete with a fire pit fit for lovely outdoor entertaining.

A separate two-car garage with a one-bedroom ADU above offers flexibility to meet any need and an over-sized shop with RV doors lends itself to accommodating storage for all the toys.

Embrace sustainability by nurturing the garden framed by a waterfront backdrop with plenty of space to expand the garden. When finished, head to the covered lower deck for relaxation where looking over the water will make you feel as though — just for a moment — time slows down.

Ready to schedule your private tour? Reach out today.