Prepping Our Pets for When We Return to Work

With so many of us at home now, our pets are our almost constant companions. But that could pose some challenges for them in the future.

Many of our pets will have become accustomed to us being home all day. So how can we help ease the transition when we’re back in the office full time?

One of the recommended ways to help your pet is by setting up a schedule including when they wake up, when they eat, when they get play time, and planning time for them to rest independently as they would when they have alone time throughout the day.

The busier dogs are kept, the better off they’ll be and at the end of the day, a tired dog is a happy dog. Spend some time offering enrichment activities such as a treat scavenger hunt throughout the home. If you need to add a new toy into the rotation, or stock up on treats, The B.I. Barkery is a wonderful option and they’ve been shipping and delivering to homes around the island for free during this time.  Paws and Fins and Z-Bones both remain open as essential businesses and also have squeaky toys and delectable treats for your furkids!

If your dog is particularly anxious about you leaving the home, it’s helpful to minimize the event as much as possible. Try to avoid goodbye routines as they only add to the anxiety.

Additionally, you can socialize your dog now even with social distancing. Try taking your pup on a route near a park where other people are walking. Even if they’re not getting some belly rubs from friendly neighbors, seeing other people, children, and animals will help them feel more socialized and less isolated.

A couple of good boys at Animal Magnetizm, photo from their Instagram!

When you do return, there are many great services to take advantage of such as doggy daycares or dog walkers. Many are closed right now but will likely be eager to welcome your pup once businesses are able to open back up. Animal Magnetizm is a wonderful dog daycare that is sure to tire out your furry friend while you’re in the office. And when they get a bit messy from playing in the park, Salty Dog Wash will have them looking fabulous again in no time at all.