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“Loving Island Life” Bainbridge Island Parks

Bainbridge Islanders love green.   For example, the City of Bainbridge Island has a history of trend-setting in sustainable practices, and ... Read More
Bainbridge Island Parks

“Loving Island Life” Bainbridge Island Art Walk

We at “Loving Island Life” have always felt that there is something a bit magical about Bainbridge Island.  It’s one ... Read More
Bainbridge Island real Estate

“Loving Island Life” Independent Bookstore Day!

An Independent brick and mortar bookstore is so much more than just a place that sells books.  It’s a place ... Read More
Bainbridge Island Bookstores

“Loving Island Life” Earth Day Bainbridge Island

All of us at “Loving Island Life” were drawn to Bainbridge Island, in part, because we love the great outdoors.  ... Read More
Bainbridge island Earth Day

“Loving Island Life” Bainbridge Performing Arts

This week, we at “Loving Island Life” want to share with you the vibrant performing arts scene on Bainbridge Island.  ... Read More
Bainbridge Island Performing Arts

“Loving Island Life” First Friday Art Walk!

April is here, and it’s time for another First Friday Art Walk! Stop by our new Sotheby’s office at 240 ... Read More
Bainbridge Island real Estate

“Loving Island Life” April Events Bainbridge Island

This Saturday is April 1st, a day we at “Loving Island Life” have been looking forward to with great anticipation.  ... Read More
Bainbridge Island Real Estate

“Loving Island Life” Bainbridge Island Marinas

If your looking for information on Bainbridge Island Marina's and the best boating in the world you have found it ... Read More
Bainbridge Island Marinas

“Loving Island Life” 24 Hours Bainbridge Island

Your friends at “Loving Island Life” are super excited that the first day of spring is nearly upon us and ... Read More
Bainbridge Island Performing Arts

“Loving Island Life” Bainbridge Island Art Museum

It’s hard to believe that it is March already, but we at “Loving Island Life” are pretty excited, because this ... Read More
Bainbridge Island Museum of Art

“Loving Island Life” Bainbridge Community Broadcast

Bainbridge Islanders are, on the whole, a very friendly and welcoming group of people and Bainbridge Community Broadcasting keeps us ... Read More
Bainbridge Community Broadcasting

“Loving Island Life” Chilly Hilly Bainbridge Island

OK Bainbridge Islanders, this is a public service announcement from your friends at “Loving Island Life.”  Get ready, because it’s ... Read More
Bainbridge Island Chilly Hilly